Czech Team v Rusku - závěrečná zpráva


Czech Team v Rusku - závěrečná zpráva

Všichni zájemci o zprávu o průběhu a hodnocení turnaje druhého kola "Světové ligy" v ruském Elektrostalu si v tomto článku přijdou na své. Teprve týden od návratu se můžete seznámit s pohledem hlavního trenéra Christophera Fausta. Více, již v lehce srozumitelném anglickém jazyce:

The tournament was a really good experience for the new Czech Team. Ok, it s strange to say, that we play good and have 0 points, but this is the truth.


We create a new atmosphere and a new spirit. We have now a playbook and keyword-coaching, everybody know now about defense and offense strategy of the team and we developed this from match to match.


Again, it’ s strange to say this tournament was good for us. a very good preparation also for newcomers (chrpa, kopriva, pauer,vohnicky) and we behave like one team, without groups in the team. We were fast the loveliest team from all volunteers and fans, friendly Czech boys who figth till the end and try to play good hockey…we won the fairplay trophy.


But 0 points are the truth at the moment, close match against rakousko, bad score 0:4. tough game against Ukraine, we can win also. Mixed match against Japan, can be after 15 minutes 0:5 but after 20 min till min60 was really ok. 0:2 and 0:3 late in the match was skoda. At both rest-days we work at the pitch in 2 groups (offense and defense work) and make a good positive learning curve. Also we play a intern “fifa 13” tournament (babou won, who else ?!) with the whole team and staff, funny and good teambuildung. Also we have a new kapitan: Dan Piterak, new style, flat hierarchy, older players helps young ones, new start.


The last two matches (Egypt and Russia) we score finally and against the Russian, with only 4 players on the bench to change, but it was our best match. Keeper Pavel Chrpa make his first two matches and this was a really good experience for him and he play well.


Like all players, a good head, positive and everybody know now what we have to do and not to do. We analyse every match intensive together at video and we preparate every next team also at video and talk about strong and weakness.


Russia give us much, really. Czech hockey, give us time! Without Tomas Prochazka and Stepan Bernatek (he played only the first two matches) is it hard at the moment. We have a big hole in the “best ages” time, we know this. we will do all and more to have a tough team in Antwerp and we will figth till the end. We have a real target: score a goal! (2006 no goal in Manchester) and we want beat Polland! you can visit us at many test-matches in july in Czech and look for the new team - thx for support at home and have patience with us, nobody in this team is responsible for this situation but we are on a good way, score ist not all…


Thx at my team and my co coaches Mirek and Fanda, Zuzka at fyzio and last but not least Kelly our teammanager.


Chris Faust

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