EHF Jury of Appeal


EHF Jury of Appeal

Evropská hokejová federace (EHF), hledá členy nově zřízené odvolací komise, všichni zájemci najdou bližší informace v tomto článku. Případné doplňující otázky posílejte na


Dear EHF Member Associations, it has been decided that, in order to deal with any urgent appeals following a TDs decision, we should have a standing panel of potential members of a Jury of Appeal for all European Hockey Federation Competitions.


Those members would not be required to be present at the matches, but rather to be available by telephone and/or Skype to join a three member Jury (the composition of which will depend on the teams involved/affected). We are looking for a number of volunteers (15-20) to be on a list for TDs to use in such cases.


I will act as Secretary of the Jury of Appeal and will make contact with the members when necessary, if any appeals come forth. Obviously we hope that they would not, but bearing in mind the importance of the competition to the teams involved, they might well do.


If they do then they will almost certainly be of some urgency, requiring a decision within hours.


I emphasise again that it is not a commitment which will involve nominated persons attending the matches (though we would be happy to welcome them at any event should they wish to attend) but a commitment to be available if required to serve on a Jury by Teleconference.


I look forward to hearing from you not later than 1st July 2013.

With kind regards,



Dariusz Kurc

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