Czech Hockey Federation is hiring! 

Hockey in the Czech Republic has come a long way and has worked hard the last 10 years on growing the player base and building a Hockey Family culture. This is done involving all members into building an Equally Amazing environment where we build on the strengths of each member. 

Though we still have a long way to go we see we have an opportunity to build on a new generation of 12 to 18 years old players where there is more competition resulting in a bigger hunger for moving the bar. The Czech Hockey Federation would like to support the dreams of these players and therefore decided to join hands with the National Sport Agency who will support 7 collective women sports financially on their way to the Los Angeles Olympics. 

This support allowed us to review our current high performance strategy and shift up gears to become, over time, more competitive with the top European nations and to qualify for the Olympics. Besides honouring the Olympic values we would like our dream to be a dream of everybody in the Hockey Family for years to come. We would like it to become a dream of all youth players, all parents, all clubs and all fans as their support will be crucial. 

We also realize we need top staff around the teams, cooperation with our professional partners, the National Sport Agency and schools to become successful. We also like to learn from those countries who went before us.

To accomplish our dream we are looking for a diverse, performance driven group of quality team members who all have the same vision and passion to move the players to a next level. Besides a shared vision we need a group sharing the same values. 

For this reason we are announcing a number of new positions where we welcome passionate and skilled candidates who would love to join our journey. 

# FutureOlympians

The organizational structure:


  • High Performance Director
    • Role:
      • Overall responsible for the strategy and implementation of the high performance of the Czech national teams
      • Responsible for both the sportive, organizational and financial targets
      • Culture bearer 
      • Member of the Board
    • Monthly salary: 60.000-80.000 CZK
  • Sports Director
    • Role:
      • Responsible for the definition and implementation of the methodical strategy and concepts covering technical, tactical, physical and mental areas
      • Mentors, guides and develops the national team trainers and selected club profi-trainers
      • Leads the hockey support team and aligns with external stakeholders (e.g. external medical support team, external consultants, Hockey Academy responsible, competition committee)
    • Monthly salary: 50.000-80.000 CZK
  • Logistic Manager
    • Role:
      • Sets the high-performance programmes (calendar) together with the coaches/trainers 
      • Sets up games, organizes travel and all tasks around ensuring the sport functions to focus on hockey 
      • Finds creative and effective ways to make the values come alive involving players, parents, schools, partners, trainers, staff and other stakeholders
      • Coordinates team managers of the national teams
      • Leads support team and aligns with external stakeholders (e.g. secretary office/marketing/PR
    • Monthly salary: 50.000-80.000 CZK
  • Olympic Support Assistant
    • Role:
      • Responsible for supporting the teams and staffs in the area of organizational, logistic and financial matters
      • Right hand of the Logistic Manager
    • Monthly salary: 30.000-45.000 CZK
  • National Team Coach
    • Role:
      • Responsible for leading the Czech women and youth national players on their journey to the LA2028 Olympics
      • Oversees the development of the U21, U18 national ladies national teams and the U16 and U14 development teams on a national level
      • Closely cooperates with the Club Profi-Trainers ensuring a 100% focus on player development across national teams and clubs
    • Monthly salary: 40.000-80.000 CZK
  • Club Profi Trainer
    • Role:
      • Responsible for leading the club women and youth team players on their journey to the LA2028 Olympics
      • Oversees the development of the U14, U16, U18 and first women team focusing on the full talent pool at the club
      • Holds a trainer position with the national teams (U16/U18/U21/Women) ensuring a 100% focus on player development across national teams and clubs
      • Actively supports the clubs which do not have a Club Profi Trainer
    • Monthly salary: 40.000 – 80.000 CZK

When applying to any of the positions, please also fill in the form HERE.

The Recruitment Process Timeline:

  • Job application – January 14. – February 7. 2022
  • Job application screening and interview process – February 7. – 28. 2022
  • Planning the final selection and assembly of the Olympic Dream Team – by March 31. 2022
  • Start of Olympic Dream Team – by April 1. 2022
    • In the case of faster HR proceedings, it will be possible to start at an earlier date by agreement. In the situation that we do not find a suitable candidate for some positions, we will extend the deadline for job application.

If you are interested in one or more of these positions, please fill the form and send it with your CV to the email by February 7, 2022. In case of any questions regarding the recruitment process, use this email address as well.

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